6 signs your child is not ready for potty training

You must be wondering if you are trying to potty train your child too early or if you should give him a break if he needs to respond better. Then there are the 6 signs that show your child is not ready for potty training.

Unfortunately, potty training is not as easy as we all hoped for. Despite noticing all the signs of readiness and introducing toilet training in the best way possible, your kid doesn’t have it. She has many accidents, doesn’t care if they spoil their underpants, and fights over sitting on the toilet. These are the signs your child is not ready for potty training.

Besides, with my kids, there was a time when she was 100% interested in toilet training. She pretends to put her toys on the toilet and loves her favorite cartoon underwear. But when it came to her toilet seat, she refused to even sit on it. The hands-on approach is an option but can result in frustration as it involves so much effort.

06 signs your child is not ready for the potty training

signs your child is not ready for potty training

Here are some clear signs that show your child is not ready for toilet training. If your child shows these signs, you must wait for the right time. But when you are waiting, you can do a few valuable things, including ready potty training books or signing such songs. It will not only help you in developing his interest but will also make the procedure much more accessible.

But before that, you must learn if your child is mentally and physically ready for potty training.

01.  Dirty diapers don’t irritate your child

Generally, toddlers are not comfortable in their diapers for a long time. They kept touching them while playing to remove them, especially when they were dirty. You can even see them screaming due to the diaper rashes.

So if you are looking for signs to potty train your girl, then look when she feels uncomfortable while using the soil diapers and will try to pull off. Without knowing when their diaper is dirty, they may not be able to get ready for potty training.

02.  Your child isn’t able to dress and undress themselves

One of the most common signs that your child isn’t ready for potty training is their inability to undress. To successfully sit on their potty, your child must first undress himself. I mean pulling down their trousers and underpants and, after doing business, pulling them up again.

You must avoid tight clothing, buttoned trousers, and other intricate clothing that you can never remove without assistance. Stick to loose and elastic clothing. He is not mentally ready for this phase if he still faces difficulties and removes them.

03.  Don’t show any interest

No interest in potty training

When it comes to potty training, kids aren’t always excited about it. But if you are asking when we should quit potty training, I would recommend leaving it when he has absolutely zero knowledge and is not interested in learning about it.

The child must know the difference between pee and poop. He understands when to go to the bathroom or tell if his diaper is dirty. The child must be able to sit on their potty chair comfortably. If the child refuses to sit and doesn’t know his diaper is dirty, you must wait instead of struggling.

04.  Unable to hold urine for more extended periods

Many parents are tempted to potty train their children, seeing that their nappy is always wet, especially with the first one. But using the potty may look like the best option, but a damp nappy always is a sign that he is not ready for potty training yet.

Constantly wet nappies are a sign that your child isn’t able to hold his urine for extended periods. The size of the bladder almost doubles during the age of 2 to 4 years. It enables the children to have their urine for a more extended period.

So if a child can hold his urine for extended periods, at least 2 hours, it indicates he is ready for potty training.

05.  They are uncomfortable sitting on the potty

Being uncomfortable and having trouble sitting on the toilet means your child is not ready for potty training. Sitting comfortably is a sign that they are prepared to go to the bathroom, but if they cannot, try using the potty training seat, as you want your little one always to be safe.

Your kid may be too small to use the ordinary potty chair. I always use the Amazon best seller 3 in one potty training seat with my children, and I highly recommend it for girls and boys. This chair not only helped my children when they were little but also helped in transitioning to the big toilet. It makes my work half; I am so thankful to buy this.

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06.  You are potty training but still having accidents all the time

After trying potty training, your child still has multiple accidents a day. Accidents are common during potty training, and everything will start to get in place within a few days. But if you notice continuous accidents, it would be beneficial to use nappies again until you are confident that your child is learning the procedure. Once your child shows the readiness signs of potty training, then remove the diapers.

What to do while waiting?

If you want to be proactive, then try the following steps:

·       Educate the toddlers about potty training by reading books and showing them animation videos.

·       Flash cards to give a visual representation of what they are doing.

·       Getting your children to buy the potty seat is a great idea. After all, they will be the ones to use it. Similarly, let them choose their favorite character pants.

·       Motivate them to use their toilet with you so they can visually see the process.


Considering the facts mentioned above, if you don’t notice the signs that your child is not ready for potty training, it can be challenging to toilet-train him. A child must show the readiness signs, and you need to maintain patience to achieve success.

Potty training readiness signs can vary from one child to another. Late toilet training doesn’t mean he is not sharp; he is just not ready to face this new phase. A little more wait can make things much easier for you and your child.


At what age should I be worried about my child’s potty training?

Don’t rush to potty train a child if he is too young and is not showing signs of readiness. The American Pediatrics claims that a kid who is potty trained at 18 months is not entirely potty trained till the age of 4. While the other kids who potty train at the age of 2 are fully toilet trained by age 3.

Is it normal for a 3-year-old not to be potty trained?

If you have a 3-year-old kid who is not fully potty trained, don’t worry; you are not alone. Though children start showing interest in potty training by age 2, about 40 to 60% only succeed in full toilet training by three years.

How long should I try for potty training?

Most children continue to need help cleaning them, primarily if they use an unfamiliar bathroom until they are 4 to 6 years of age. The potty training schedules can vary for every child. But the general time to potty train a kid is three months, and girls usually learn faster than boys.