Potty training for twins – 10 proven tips

Many parents potty train their twins, triplets, and even more simultaneously. At the same time, some parents find that their one child is ready earlier than the other. It’s essential to potty train a child when you feel he is prepared. The main factors involved in potty training are mental readiness and muscle control.

Resist your feeling of starting early, as it will be a long struggle with many difficulties. Wait till your child show the readiness signs, like being aware when he poos or wees in his diaper, being able to use the bathroom, and pulling their nappy when it becomes dirty and wet.

Signs that your twins are ready for potty training

There are similar signs for potty training in toddlers, whether you have one baby or twins. The main question is if your one or both twins are showing signs of readiness. Here is a list of things to look out for:

·        Follow simple instructions and quickly communicate the need to go to the bathroom.

·        Can stay dry for at least 2 hours

·        Can pull their pants up and down themselves

·        Can wake up from the naps dry

·        They can get off the potty on their own

·        He doesn’t like being in dirty or wet diapers

·        Hide when he poops in his diaper

·        Is showing interest in the toilet

Should you potty train your twins at the same time?

The answer to this question will be if at least one of your twins shows signs of being ready to use the potty. One of my twins was prepared to use the potty and had successfully peed at least a dozen times.

Meanwhile, her twin sister has peed on the potty once because I gave her the tablet for a solid 30 minutes. I was stressed about how she would do this. I didn’t consider them both to be ready though one was and one wasn’t. They were almost 3 years of age when I decided to train them together.

If one of your kids is ready, try potty training them together instead of waiting for the other. If it is a workout, you have saved yourself a lot of time; if it didn’t, you are at least not wasting your time.

Potty training for twins – 10 proven tips

Though every person has their own opinion about the age to ditch diapers for good, trust me, there is no perfect age to do this. It will become easier only when the kids are ready. If your children show signs of readiness like pooping on the schedule, interest in going to the toilet, or keeping their pampers dry. Then go ahead to potty train your kids.

But remember, never potty train children during the transition time, like changing your house, hiring a new babysitter, or bringing home another sibling. By doing so, there will be an increase in failure chances.

01.   Treat the twins as an individual

Potty training two kids are easier at once, but it isn’t always possible. You may have identical twins that act and look alike but are two separate individuals. It might be possible that your one kid is ready while the other is not.

It mainly happens when you have a boy and a girl twin. If that’s the case, keep the ready twin in a diaper for a little longer for the other kid. Divide and conquer the children at a time. If things are going by your side, the less interested twin will be ready to see their sibling using the potty.

02.   Don’t compare them

It’s natural to compare twins with each other, but it is of no help, especially for twins. Stop you from comparing your children, especially in front of them. Saying your sister is using the potty, so why can’t you will only delay it more? So be positive; instead of comparing, use one twin’s achievement to motivate the other.

03.   Be prepared for the potty.

Before starting the potty training, let your children know what will happen. You can show them visual books and discuss why potty is used. Address all their concerns and questions. Children always have a fear of the unknown. So by making potty training transparent, you will see many benefits.

Take some time for the shopping of new underpants for your children to celebrate their big kid status. Try buying the one with their favorite character on it so they will think before soiling it.

04.   Rewards

No potty training is complete without some fantastic rewards. As we all know, parenthood’s principle is to reward children for every small achievement. But the reward system is a little complicated when it comes to twins. You can’t reward one child for peeing in a potty while the other for peeing in pants, as it will be messy.

Children usually don’t think about the consequences of their actions. Thus, look even when they are playing their favorite games. Instead of making a big deal when one child uses the potty, allow both of them to participate in the celebration. It will encourage both twins to use the potty next time to have fun together.

05.   Have patience

It is common for children to pee on their toilets but poop somewhere else, like the bedroom floors. Some children don’t like sitting on their toilet for long periods. So if you are desperate to have your children use the bathroom, don’t use the diaper option again.

Returning to diapers will only regress the children. Try understanding the kid’s issue and solve it accordingly.

06.   Have two toilets

Twins usually don’t like sharing their things with their siblings. Sometimes toys can work like that; they can take turns, but the toilet is not something that will work like that for potty training. Each child must have a seat, especially during potty training. So they can think of it as their item and can poop inside.

07.   Don’t use the sticker chart.

The sticker charts are the mainstay for potty training and can be used as a perfect prop. But in the case of twins, they don’t work for the sibling who is slow in the learning process. It can be a visual reminder for one of the twins that he is not as good as his sibling. So nix the sticker chart to avoid any damage. It will also save the therapy down the line.

08.   Tag teaming benefits and drawbacks

It might be possible that both of your twins are ready for potty training at the same time. Training two twins are like allowing you to prepare two for the price of one. Sibling competition is the most significant benefit of potty training two at a time. There is generally competition in children, especially in twins, which also includes matters involving crap.

If one twin uses the toilet, the other will do the same. However, the competition can become a failure at some specific times. Twins can have trouble escaping the idea that they are twins and will struggle for individuality. If one twin is succeeding in potty training and the other is becoming disobedient, tone down the competitive environment and be patient. The one who isn’t potty trained will slowly see how his sibling is doing and will be eager to do the same.

09.   Sync the siblings

Twins usually learn to potty train at their rate, but syncing them up will keep you relaxed. The best way to do it is by joining the bathroom trips. When one twin is ready to go to the bathroom, encourage the other twin to do the same.

It will prevent you from taking each kid every second minute to the bathroom.

10.   Stick to the basics

Sticking to the basics is the best way to toilet-train your twins, as the extra work is involved. Deviation can result in a longer learning process. So try to be on a schedule so your twins will understand the timing. But be flexible, as it is possible that what works for one might not work for the other.

Avoid the onesies during potty training and prefer easy-to-access clothing. The only mess you have to face during potty training your twins is double poop.


Many children succeed in daytime potty training, but they will take time to make it through the night. Children’s brain and bladder connection will take time to develop. About 15% of the 5 years old children often have accidents at the right time. Don’t avoid using diapers at night until your baby can wake up dry day after day for an extended period.

But make sure not to use diapers when he is awake, and as soon as they wake in the morning, put them in underwear. If you don’t do it, they will start to regress. Oh, Am I wearing a diaper? Will I have to go to the bathroom? But I can do-do in it.


Is it more challenging to potty train twins?

It isn’t hard to potty train twins at all. The only challenge that you have to face is dealing with the two children at the same time. You will have to watch two of them simultaneously while going through the training. It can be more challenging if you are trying to potty train them simultaneously.

Is two and a half too soon to potty train?

There is the right age for potty training. But most experts recommend waiting until their child is around 2 ½ to 3 ½ years old. It’s the prime age when the children have enough brain and bladder to potty train them successfully.

When should I start potty training my twins?

The timing of the potty training varies widely from child to child. You can begin toilet training at the age of 18 months and can also start as late as 3 years of age. Don’t force the children, especially if you have twins, as you will face more resistance and frustration.