Top 3 Tips To Potty Training children In Just 3 Days

Top 3 Tips To Potty Training children In Just 3 Days

According to specialists, your kids are ready to potty train earlier than you think. We talk to different doctors, midwives, and experienced moms to know their expert’s thoughts about potty training. According to them, kids can be potty trained to use the bathroom as early as they are 22 months old. There are many ways of potty train your children, but in this article, we have shared the top three secrets that will help you achieve your goal in just 3 days.

Generally, children are curious, and that’s the reason they respond to the right cues.

1. Get rid of things that distract them

While potty training your child, make sure your attention is on the task at your hand. It means you have to make potty training your full-time job by getting rid of all the distractions. For these three days, give all your focus to your precious little one and set aside your TV, phone, and even Fitbit. These three days will be a short blip in your life, but they will give you many benefits.

I mean that you should stay home to give your time to your child to potty train him. It will be a much less stressful long run if you give your 100% attention to potty training your child in these three days. 

Potty training is the best time to make your special bond even stronger with your child. This bond will help you to make this experience a nurturing one, not stressful. 

Oh! You are a full-time working parent; what should you do? Not a problem, consider taking a Friday or a Monday off to get some time for your family as it will give you a lot more relief in the future. 

2. Give control to them

Potty training your children

An essential secret to potty training is teaching your kid to take control. That means they have to tell you when they have to go. Before potty training, kids always have a built-in bathroom, so they don’t have to say anything about it. 

Some new moms always remind children to go to the bathroom, which is ineffective in every case. Instead of reminding them of the bathroom, you should encourage them to tell you when they need to go by themselves. It will enable them to make decisions. Every time they use the toilet, praise them and reward them.

3. Don’t use backups

Get rid of all the pull-ups and diapers. 

This method will prevent any remaining excuses and will help the parents to focus and the kids to learn quickly. I have potty trained my children using the same techniques, and my family and friends are always shocked how I potty trained my kids at the age of two in such a fast and impressive manner. That’s the main reason today I am writing this article to share my experience with you. 

Though there is no guarantee it works for me, my family, friends, and followers. Even if it doesn’t work, it will shorten the time your child takes to get potty trained. So it’s worth a shot, right?

How I do Potty training of my one boy and two girls

Here are the chairs I used to potty train my two boys and one girl 

Potty training my boy

Most children start to get potty trained when they are either 18 months or in between 3 years of age. The average age to get potty training falls somewhere between 27 months. But the time always depends on the signs of readiness of your child. 

It is the potty training chair that I used for my boy to get him potty trained.

Nuby My Real Potty Training Toilet with Life-Like Flush Button & Sound for Toddlers & Kids, White (12000 5 star rating)

Some features that I loved about it is

  • Its look is very realistic, and it feels and looks like an adult version. 
  • When you press the flush button, it produces a realistic flush sound.
  • The seat lid opens and closes and for super easy cleaning as the pot is removable. Splash guard is present for both boys and girls.
  • There is an anti-skid rubber that stops the potty training chair from sliding.
  • It is designed in a way to helps your children to transition to an adult-size toilet easily. 
  • And still, many more benefits I have noticed.

This is how I potty trained my girls

From my experiences, the first thing for successful potty training is the right time. Because starting too early will invite only failures, and starting too late will cause difficulties. In the case of my girls, the right time was when my little girl is amenable about no more wetting her pants. 

Here is the Minnie Mouse Imaginaction Potty & Trainer Seat I bought for her.

The First Years Minnie Mouse Imaginaction Potty & Trainer Seat, Pink (5602 5 starts rating)

The features I loved about it and helped me in potty training my two girls

  • It includes a potty training seat consisting of the Disney characters, and it is a trainer seat with a splash that helps her transition to the family toilet. 
  • Digital rewards: You can add Disney character stickers when your child uses the potty training seat; they would be happier to get congratulatory messages from their Disney friends. 
  • It includes a flash button that makes the realistic flash sound and a cheering sound that encourages my toddler in the whole potty training journey.
  • It is super easy to clean due to the lift up the pot, and it also comes with a built-in splash guard that will lessen the mess. 
  • You can customize its look.

These chairs make potty training and transition to the family toilet a lot easier for me. Hope that works the same for you.

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