Diet for Losing Fat and Gaining Muscle – Yes! Now you can do both

These days’ people are after some common goals of losing fat and gaining muscles. It refers to the body’s recomposition. It’s the process in which your physique alters by burning the fat and gaining muscles. In this article, you will get detailed information on body recomposition, diet for losing fat and gaining muscle, and some vital tips to stay on track.

People know that they want to lose fat and gain muscle, but they are unaware of the process to get there. Body recomposition requires a unique fitness approach and then a general weight loss mindset.

What is the body composition?

In your body, it’s the ratio of the fat mass to the lean mass. Sometimes it is taken interchangeably with the body’s fat percentage, but it is one part of your overall body composition.

Lean mass includes the bones, organs, ligaments, muscles, tendons, tissues, and water. In simple words, everything that is not included in the body fat. Depending on your method to measure your body’s composition, you will see the water has its percentage.

What is the body’s recomposition?

Body composition is changing fat mass to lean mass, which means losing fat and gaining muscles. The main purpose of body recomposition is to lose fat and gain muscles simultaneously. It’s opposite to the traditional approach in which you have to intentionally put on a lot of weight and then go through the calorie deficit diet to lose weight. This method was known as “bulking and cutting.

10 Best foods for losing fat and gaining muscle

Want to know about the best foods to lose fat and build muscle? But don’t forget that it’s essential to do proper exercise to reach your goals. Here is the list of the top 10 foods that will help you reach your goal faster:

1.      Full-Fat Dairy

If you read my blogs, you will know that I can never get tired of mentioning good things about Greek yogurt. It has conjugated linoleic acid that promotes weight loss by burning fat. Besides, the dairy proteins that are slowly digested can help in muscle gain when it comes to muscle building. Cottage cheese is another protein-filled snack that will help in filling you up.

2.      Eggs

Eggs are beneficial in promoting fullness. Besides, the protein present in eggs increases your metabolic weight for several hours after eating. The amino acids present in this nutritional food boost muscle gain. Thus eggs are the ideal food to lose fat and gain muscle.

3. Fish like Salmon, Tuna, and Tilapia

In fishes like Salmon, the mega-3-fatty acids reduce inflammation and benefit from losing fat. Want to know the reason? Fish benefits in diminishing cortisol production (the stress hormone that results in fat storage). It makes it beneficial for both muscles and heart health.

4. WHEY Protein

 Whey protein shows its benefits in conserving body muscles while losing extra weight. That’s an impressive advantage of having this food. You can easily add Whey protein to your food, nutritional drinks, or smoothies. It will make you feel full for longer periods and avoid overeating. 

5. Meat (Chicken Breast and Lean Beef)

Some vitamins like B6 will give you stamina for exercise and daily routine. Chicken breast, lean beef, and turkey are the best meats for gaining muscles. These meats will benefit the muscle gain without a heavy calorie load on your body. And probably the main reason that makes them unique from other available meats. 

6. Apple Cider Vinegar

Knowing its benefits will be their go-to hunger reducers if a person knows its benefits. The person who follows the intermittent fasting routine drinks lots of water. To stave off your hunger, you can add apple cider vinegar to your water before drinking. 

           Besides, the acetic acid present in vinegar reduces fat accumulation and boosts the body’s ability to lose fat.

7. Quinoa

Quinoa is a carbohydrate that provides the required nourishment for exercising and daily activities throughout the day. Athletes who run a marathon generally have a carb-rich meal to maintain their stamina throughout the game.

8. Brown Rice

Brown rice does have some protein but is among the main carbohydrate source. They are no less beneficial than Whey for muscle building. Besides, brown rice is free of gluten. It has some essential vitamins and minerals to keep providing energy. 

9. Nuts like Peanuts and Almonds

Nuts have the right amount of calories and vital components, such as phosphorus. Phosphorus benefits the body in utilizing carbohydrates for energy and building protein. In addition, magnesium present in nuts helps not only in protein building but also in muscle functioning.

10. Beans and legumes

 If you want to add up the protein level in your diet, then nothing can replace the value of chickpeas, kidney beans, and edamame. Especially edamame has vital foliates to strengthen muscles. Beans like kidney beans or black beans are rich in iron and phosphorus that benefit protein building. 

How to stay on track?

When it comes to dieting, our cravings and habits play the role of the devil. Let’s start with habits, and our body takes up to two weeks to ease in dieting. Especially when fast food is the easy choice present at every street corner, it becomes difficult to prepare your dietary food and take it with you in such a situation. 

           In dieting, the first few weeks are the hardest, so prepare yourself beforehand to abandon your unhealthy daily routine. For example, you may have a habit of having a burger or sub sandwich in your lunch break as Doritos and coke can in the vending machine are the easy yet delicious choices for you. But now, you have to go through some real battle to cope with this temptation for your health. If there are no healthy choices available, you can bring your lunch. 

           To stay motivated and deal with these strong spicy cravings, I have a great working recommendation. We usually have one day as a cheat meal to eat anything we want. Many people have a cheat meal on Sundays to be ready for their whole week. If you are depriving through the week, think of the Sunday that is about to come. But remember, it’s a cheat meal, not a cheat day. On cheat meal, you can have anything burger, pizza beer, doughnuts, chips, lasagna, name it. But get back on the routine for the next meal. 

           Secondly, have a few inspirational photos to keep yourself motivated. Most people are losing fat and gaining muscles for a specific reason. They are either preparing for a competition or going for a reunion or vacation. For the progress report, you can take your front and back pictures. Besides, these photos will motivate you to keep going. 

           When we talk about cravings, protein drinks and protein bars can somehow overcome your sugar needs. Besides, you can mix a flavored protein powder with some ice to taste a milkshake. You can enjoy a high protein bar but with low sugar once or twice a week. The latest varieties give you the taste of candy bars with their sweetening techniques.

           You can easily blow your diet in a restaurant due to your cravings and habits. To stick to your plan, be diligent while ordering. Ask the waiter to grill your meat without grease. Have steamed vegetables without butter, or maybe a salad with vinaigrette. Many restaurants accommodate, so there is no legit reason to avoid it. 

Final Words- Body recomposition is a long game

Don’t treat your body recomposition plan like a fad diet if you are trying to lose fat and gain muscle at once. Healthy muscle gain and healthy weight loss take time. You are in for a long game if you are putting them together. But this slow yet steady process has sustainable results. As long as you maintain these healthy habits, you will enjoy your new physique. 

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