How to lose fat from face and neck?

How to lose fat from face and neck?

When you are gaining weight, the very first symptoms are shown on your face. You know what, that is not the only cause behind your face and neck fat, but your sleeping routine, posture, and many other factors contribute equally to it. You are at the right place to learn proven ways to lose fat from the face and neck.

 A fat face and neck are the reasons you look more aged than actual. Everyone desires to have an attractive and appealing face that will leave a charismatic impression on other persons. Many people are slim but had a double chin or a chubby face that makes them look fat.

Is it difficult to lose fat from the face and neck?

You are definitely not alone in the struggle of losing face fat; we are here to help you in the mission to beautify yourself in this glamorous world. Weight loss is undoubtedly a very tough task for almost everyone but losing weight from a specific body area, especially from the face and neck, becomes a challenge.

Face and neck fat make you look more aged. It’s challenging to live in a society where people taunt you because of your chubby face and double chin. Everyone wants to beautify his/ her for a better appearance. When you lose fat from your face and neck, you look more attractive, slim, and young and become more confident. It also cleanses your face from foreign particles.

Cause of face and neck fat

There are many reasons for the buildup of fat on your face and luckily, many possible ways to

  • Obesity is the primary factor for the accumulate of fat on the face or neck.
  • Dehydration, consumption of poor diet, high carbs are also prominent factors for face or neck fat accumulation.
  • Some diseases can also lead to face and neck fat accumulation.
  • Age is also a factor that may cause the accumulation of fat on the face and neck.
  • Additions like alcohol, smoking also cause weight gain.

Best ways to lose fat from face and neck

            We have discussed the reasons for the accumulation of face and neck fat. Now discuss how to lose fat from the face and neck.

Mainly, there are three ways to lose fat from the face and neck:

  1. improving diet quality
  2. using home remedies
  3. Exercise
  4. Makeup or beauty tips

Let’s discuss them one by one

Improvement in your diet

How to lose face and neck fat through improving diet quality?

Our face is the reflection of our diet. Whatever we eat, it shows on our faces. If we eat unhealthy food, our skin becomes loose and saggy. And we look fatter than normal and have to face problems like double chin and chubby and saggy faces appearance. A healthy diet not only improves our health but also improves our skin a lot.

By drinking more water

Water is the natural purifier that purifies our bodies from harmful matter.

Drinking more water, ten to twelve glasses in a day leads to more urination that, in return, cleanses our body. It also detoxifies our body and removes toxic substances from the body. Water is essential for food digestion because it provides an aqueous medium for digestive enzymes to work at their optimum.

Fewer intakes of calories

Consuming a high level of calories is the leading cause of weight gain. A normal person usually consumes about two thousand calories, but you will have to reduce to 500 calories per day if you want to reduce weight. Natural food such as vegetables and fruits are low-calorie food; you can easily replace your processed food intake with those healthy fruits and vegetables. Drinking healthy fruit juices instead of soda drinks helps a lot to reduce weight. Besides fruit and vegetables, milk is an anti-aging food item that tightens your skin and reduces fat from your body.

Check your sodium intake

 Excessive sodium intake leads to fluid retention in your body, especially on your face, and makes your face look chubbier and fatter. Studies show that 77% of sodium intake is through eating processed food that leaves the worst effect on your whole body. Reducing your sodium intake must helpful in losing face and neck fat.

Check your sugar intake

Our skin is the reflection of our diet. Healthy skin is the result of a healthy and balanced diet. Sugar adds glycogen to the blood, which intern stores as cholesterol in your body. Avoiding sugar intake and replacing it with fresh fruits and vegetables, and drinking more water help you achieve your goal. The decrease in your sugar intake results in a slimmer and beautiful face and neck.

By reducing alcohol consumption

Alcohol is high in calories and very low in nutrition. If you want to slim your body and face, you should limit your alcohol consumption. Studies prove that alcohol causes obesity, makes you look fatter and older than your actual age. It also causes face swelling that results in bloating, and the decrease in your alcohol consumption will help you reduce your whole-body weight.

How to lose fat from the face and neck through home remedies?

Home remedies are undoubtedly a beneficial way to lose fat from your face and neck. We use natural home ingredients to make these remedies; these are herbals, so they have no side effects. You can quickly try them at home without concerns; these remedies will not only burn your face and neck fat but will definitely also improve your skin texture and features naturally.

Using green tea as a home remedy

 Green tea has rich antioxidants, which not only boost your metabolism but also purify your blood. Drinking green tea reduces water retention from your face and neck.

Remedy ingredients

  • 1 cup of hot water
  • One spoon of green tea
  • One teaspoon of honey

Drink one to two green teacups daily as it purifies your blood from toxins allows a freer flow of blood through the face, helping to reduce facial and neck fat.

Using Glycerin in home remedy

Glycerin is a natural moisturizer that improves your skin texture and elasticity to your skin. Glycerin is used in many home remedies to cut down your fat from the face and neck.

Remedy ingredients:

  • One tablespoon of Glycerin
  • ½ tablespoon Epsom salt
  • Few drops of peppermint oil

How to prepare and use it?

Mix all the ingredients mentioned above in a small cup and apply it to your face and neck using a cotton pad. Rinse it after 10-15 minutes. For astonishing results, use Glycerin 3-4 times a day.

Using milk in a home remedy

Milk is a highly nutritious food and has anti-aging properties. It is proven that milk is very helpful in tightening skin and cleanses toxins. Applying directly on the face improves the collagen level in the skin and burns fat.

Remedy Ingredients:

  • One tablespoon of raw milk
  • One tablespoon of honey

How to prepare and use it?

Mix milk and honey in a small bowl and apply it to your face and neck with a cotton pad. Rinse it after 20-30 minutes with Luke warm water. It will not only tighten your skin but also lift your face.

How to lose face and neck fat through exercise?

Exercise is as essential as a good diet for healthy living. Regular physical activity helps to improve your cardiovascular system to work efficiently. Exercise also removes your skin toxins through sweat.

Fix your body sitting posture

Bad body postures affect not only your vertebral column but also your neck and face appearance. Poor postures like sitting with your head too low create a double chin, weaken your face and neck muscles, and ultimately your skin loses elasticity. By sitting with a straight back and head improves your body posture and reduces double chin.

Improve sleep positions

Studies prove that sleep quality and quantity both affect weight gain and weight loss a lot. Less sleep affects our metabolic activities and increases our cravings. Sleeping on the side of your face with a pillow causes wrinkles on your face. So, it would be best if you slept on your back as it helps in better sleep and reduces puffiness and water retention from your face.

Chewing gums

Chewing gums strengthens your facial muscles and helps a lot in reducing facial fat. The gum should be sugar-free because you are definitely not willing to add extra calories to your diet.

Cardio Exercise

Cardio exercises like jumping, running, and fast walking prove very helpful in reducing body weight. Any exercise, including cardio exercises, boosts metabolism and helps burn fat, including neck and face fat.

Blowing Air Exercise

Blowing balloons helps to strengthen your face and neck muscles. It is proved the best facial exercise to reduce double chin and chubby cheeks. Blowing air out gives you a lifted face and a slimmer appearance. What you have to do is sit on a chair with a straight back, pull your face up, and look at the ceilings. Now pull your face and blow out air. Hold it for a few seconds, relax and repeat it several times daily.

Jaw Release Exercise

Jaw release exercise stretches your cheeks, lips, and neck muscles and shapes them. Firstly, sit straight with your back, now move your face jaw like you chew something. Then breathe in and out deeply, open your mouth as you can with tongue pressed on bottom teeth. Hold for a few seconds and relax. Repeat 3-4 times a day.

Smile more

Through a smile, you can move your maximum face muscles at a time. Smile not only strengthens your face muscles but also lifts your face and shapes your cheeks.

Neck Stretch Exercise

It is a beneficial exercise to shape the jawline. Stretching muscles of the neck result in cutting fat. Stretch your neck up by sitting straight on a chair. Don’t move your shoulder at all. By holding the neck straight in an upward direction for few seconds, pull it down. This performance will help reshape your jaws, cheeks, and neck and burn your fat from the neck and face.

Using towel for burning fat

A hot towel proves very helpful in cutting down fat. Take a hot towel and hold it lengthwise along your shoulder. Lower your neck and pull your towel upward along the neck. The hot towel burns your fat rapidly and lifts your neck and face muscles.

Fish Face Exercise

This face exercise helps a lot to reduce your chubby cheeks. Move your lips and cheeks inward as sucking them like a fish. Hold it for a while and smile; repeat this exercise 3-4 times a day for better results.

Neck Roll Exercise

This exercise proves the most effective way to reduce double chin. It will also lift your face and tone your neck muscles. Grab a chair and sit straight with your head looking forward. Keep your shoulders and back straight, move your head slightly up along the neck muscles straighten, and turn your head in circular motions.

How to look slimmer through makeup or beauty tips?

Many makeup products help you to make your face look slimmer. These products create an illusion on your face that helps hide your double chin and chubby cheeks.


Two shades darker powder than your actual skin color is the best bronzer for your skin. Create an illusion with that powder bronzer by applying it to the hollows of your cheekbones. Darker coloring than your actual skin color makes a shadow-like appearance right below your cheekbones that looks like a lifted face. Also, the bronze sides of your face, especially the sides of your eyes right above your ears, make your face look slimmer. Most bronzers give you a warmer look.

Contour your face

Contouring is the master art in makeup techniques to slim down your face. Take two to three shades of darker powder and apply a thin line on your cheek as it follows your cheekbone. It should not too below that makes your cheeks look fallen on your face. Blend the line with a blush. Always start the line from the middle of your ear and end it along the mid of your eyes. Contour your double chin by creating a line along your jaw bone and blend it. Never use too much darker powder. It will make your face look muddy. Cream contours are also available in markets.

Highlighting your face areas

Another useful technique that is used to enhance your features and slim your face is highlighting your face. Illuminating powders and highlighters are used to pop up your facial bones and features. Take highlighter powder on your fingertip or a small brush and apply it on the tip of your nose, bridge of the nose, chin, eyebrow bone, and a little bit on the front of the forehead. It will help emphasize your facial features and, thus, look slimmer. Also, apply a highlighter above the cheekbones as it enhances them.


Blushes are used to make your face look slim as blushes emphasize your features, especially on your cheeks. Blooms are available in different colors like pink, peach, and many more. Apply blush on your brush, put it on your apples of the cheeks, and blend it well. Makeup techniques are about blending, blending, and blending.

Make hairstyles according to your face shape

A hairstyle should always choose according to your face shape. It makes 50% affect your look. A hairstyle can also make your face look chubby or slimmer. Hairstyles like bob cuts, short hairs, small curls, and baby cuts make your face look plump and rounder; avoid haircuts like that. Make loose curls and straight hairs to make slimmer looks. Make layer cuts and puffs to get slimmer looks.

End words by the writer

These strategies will help you lose fat from the face and neck. By improving your diet, making a little adjustment in your daily routine, and doing some light exercises, you can slim down your face.

 This article is a complete working formula for the person who wants to get rid of face fat. These are definitely the working ways that will boost your confidence and appearance after a few weeks. 

We would love to hear about your experience with these diets, remedies, and exercises to lose your face and neck fat. It would be a pleasure for us to share your story with our readers.


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