8 Fruits To Avoid During Pregnancy

Hungry? Pregnant? Looking for a snack to make your tummy and baby happy? Then eating fruits can be a healthy and nutritious choice. Undoubtedly, fruits are healthy and recommended for your baby’s good health, but there are some fruits to avoid as they aren’t pregnancy-friendly. If you are not taking proper precautions while taking them, then they can result in vaginal bleeding and, in the worst case, miscarriage.

Fruits to Avoid during pregnancy

The vitamins and nutrients in fruits are essential not only for you but also for your baby’s health. In pregnancy, all fruits are not healthy, especially when the fetus is in a growth spurt. 

 Some fruits are so harmful to your pregnancy that it can result in your baby’s miscarriage or premature birth. Here is a list of fruits to avoid during pregnancy. 

1. Pineapple

Generally, every person knows that during pregnancy, pineapple is usually restricted.  But if you don’t know about it, I will tell you the reason. Unfortunately, pineapple is the reason behind the initiation of sharp uterine contractions that result in miscarriage.

         Pineapple is also associated with the breakdown of protein because of the presence of the bromelain enzyme. Furthermore, it softens the service and can result in early labor pain. Therefore, it is better to avoid pineapple during your whole pregnancy period.

2. Tamarind

Women usually have cravings for tangy food during pregnancy, and it is quite common. You may think tamarind is a good option for your desires, but it is not. It has a high level of vitamin C, which is good for overall health but may be harmful in your pregnancy.

         Vitamin C has the function in opposition to progesterone due to which it suppresses progesterone production. Due to progesterone’s low levels, you may have to face complications like miscarriage, pre-term birth, and your fetus cell damage.

It is among the foods to avoid during pregnancy in the first trimester. 

3. Papaya

Papaya is an extremely healthy fruit with exceptional health benefits. But this nutritious food is not for pregnant ladies. The main reason is a high level of latex that results in uterine contractions, bleeding, and miscarriages in some severe cases.

 Papaya can be the reason for increasing your body temperature during pregnancy that is unhealthy. It would be better to avoid both ripe and unripe papayas altogether.

4. Bitter Melon

Saponic glycosides, morodicine, and quinine are present in bitter melon; they are highly toxic and result in diarrhea, abdominal pain, rash, and nausea. It acts as a uterus irritant and can result in miscarriages and even premature deaths.

5. Frozen Berries

Try to avoid frozen and dried fruits in your pregnancy period and eat fresh ones. When we compare frozen fruit to fresh fruits, the nutritional value doesn’t remain the same. Besides, it might prove to be harmful to your baby’s health.

         It is better to eat fresh fruit rather than frozen ones during your pregnancy time.

6. Canned Tomatoes

There is a high amount of preservatives in canned products. These products are very harmful to you not only in your pregnancy but also in your daily routine. It can affect the health of your baby and can lead to many pregnancy complications.

7. Bananas

It is surprising to see bananas in the list of fruits to avoid during pregnancy. Though eating a banana is usually safe during pregnancy, it can prove harmful in some instances. The women with gestational diabetes, diabetes, and allergies are advised not to take bananas.

         Chitinase that is a latex-like substance is an allergen that increases your body heat. The women allergic to chitinase should avoid bananas, and due to no small amount of sugar, it is better to avoid bananas.

8. Dates

Dates are full of essential nutrients and vitamins, but they result in heating your body in pregnant ladies. One of the main reasons for which dates are forbidden in pregnancy is the cause that leads to contractions.

Fruits To Eat During Pregnancy

There is a vast list of fruits to eat during pregnancy and may include pears, apples, pomegranates, guavas, oranges, mangoes, and avocados. However, it is a better option to consult a doctor or a nutritionist before starting any food.

Here is a brief on the importance of nutrients that are helpful in your pregnancy and your child’s health.

1. Guava

  • Isoflavonoids
  • Vitamins C & E
  • Polyphenols
  • Folate
  • Carotenoids

It helps aid digestion, relaxing muscles, and reducing constipation. Doctors mostly advise pregnant ladies to eat this healthy and nutritious fruit.

2. Pear

  •         Folate
  •         Fiber – Prevents the most commonly seen constipation during pregnancy.
  •         Potassium – A stimulator for cell regeneration and is beneficial not only for yours but also for your baby heart health.

3. Apple

  •         Fiber
  •         Vitamin A & C
  •         Potassium

It prevents the development of asthma and in a baby with time.

4. Avocado

  •         Copper
  •       Vitamin B, C, E, & K
  •         Fiber
  •         Potassium – It is very beneficial in preventing leg cramps that is a common factor in the third trimester of pregnancy.

5. Pomegranates

  •         Iron
  •         Calcium
  •         Vitamin K
  •         Fiber
  •         Folate

Some other fruits include mongo, strawberries, oranges, kiwi, and cherries, e.t.c.

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End Words By The Writer

As pregnancy is one of the most sensitive and vital stages in a woman’s life. Undoubtedly, you have to make some sacrifices but remember these sacrifices will be worth in the form of your baby’s health. 

 I would recommend you take a diet chart from your doctor at the beginning of your pregnancy. A proper diet plan will help you prepare yourself mentally and know about the foods to avoid during pregnancy.

 It is essential to take all the nutrients that are helpful in your baby’s growth while it is vital to know that it is useful or harmful for your baby. Take care of the things from the start of your pregnancy for your baby’s good health.

I hope this article will help you know about the things that are helpful for your baby’s physical and mental growth. By following the recommendations and proper guidance, you can easily pass this pregnancy period. I hope you have a healthy and happy pregnancy with pure motherly pleasures.

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