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How to stop snoring

How to Stop Snoring– A complete Help Guide

If you are the one who snores, then don’t worry because you are not the only one to snore. It is surprising to know that more than 45% of the total people on earth snore. As a doctor, the most common question I hear almost every day is how to stop snoring.

 I always answer them that there are different reasons for their snoring. Here is a complete guide that will help you to learn about all the ways to stop snoring. Let’s now dive into the best ways to control your snoring either naturally or through therapies.

How to stop snoring - A complete Guide

Why do people usually snore?

Snoring is usually not rare and half of the adults. In sleep, when you breathe, air flows via your throat. Because of this, the relaxed tissues in your throat start to vibrate, and irritating and harsh sounds are produced.

Your snoring not only disturbs your sleep but also of your partner. If it is not bothering you much, still you cannot ignore it. Sometimes snoring is indicating towards a serious health condition such as

  • Obesity
  • Blocked airways or Obstructive sleep apnea
  • Sleep deprivation
  • Or maybe an issue with your throat, nose, or mouth

There are still many other causes like drinking alcohol at bedtime or maybe sleeping on your back.

Risk factors

Some risk factors increase the chances of snoring. And they include

Being a man

Yes, a man is more likely to suffer from sleep apnea or snoring as compared to women.


Overweight and snoring

People who have more than average weight usually have to face obstructive sleep apnea or snoring.

Narrow airways

Narrow airways are also a major contributing factor in the case of snoring. Because some people having large tonsils, long soft palate, and adenoids are most likely to suffer from snoring. 


The habit of drinking alcohol increases the chances of your snoring by relaxing the muscles of your throat.


Having snoring and obstructive sleep apnea from your family heredity is undoubtedly a potential risk factor for it.

Having nasal problems

Your snoring risk is more significant than others if you have nasal problems or have a chronically congested nose, or maybe a structural defect in your nasal problems.

Complications due to snoring

Habitual snoring is more than a normal bothering because you are disturbing your partner and it may be the symptom of some severe complication.

Complications of snoring

The complications can include

  • Daytime sleepiness
  • Maybe the cause of vehicle accidents due to lack of sleep.
  • Anger and frustration
  • Difficulty in concentration
  • Problems in behavior such as aggression
  • High risk of stroke, heart problems, and high blood pressure
  • Children may have learning problems due to OSA.

Are you sleeping on your back?

If you are the one who usually sleeps on its back, then this is the primary cause of the throat issues. When you sleep on your back, your tongue moves across the end of your throat. The position of your language in such a situation messes with the airflow.

In this case, the best way to stop snoring is merely sleeping on your side. If it proves to be difficult for you, then a reclining bed may prove to be a solution to your snoring.

Anti-snoring devices to stop snoring

It is a better approach to rely on medically proven snoring aids to stop snoring. Here is a list of solutions that always work, and this list includes:

1.  Chinstrap for snoring

Chin strap

The anti-snore chin strap can prove to be the best option if you face open mouth snoring. Ensuring your supreme comfort, it fits under the skin.

2.  Snoring mouthpiece

A snoring mouthpiece will be the right choice for you if the cause of your snoring is your tongue. Firstly these mouthpieces put a little pressure on your language by gently pressurizing your lower jaw. Hence it provides you instant relief from snoring by clearing your passageways.

3.  Snore guard

Snore Guard

People generally confuse themselves between snoring mouthpiece and snore guard. Most of us take them for the same thing, but in reality, they are not. Try to get a snore guard for you if you have a mouth based snoring. A snore guard is one of the most effective snoring cure available to prevent breathing through the mouth.

4.  Nasal strips

Nasal Strips

Nasal strips are plastic adhesives that are fastening to your nose bridge. These nasal strips that are spring-like bands help to widen your nasal passages. In the prevention of snoring, the best thing to do is to make the airflow smooth.

5.  Anti-snoring pillow to stop snoring

Anti-snoring Pillow

According to health experts, anti-snore pillows are the best fix for snoring and the best prep for your positional therapy. These pillows are undoubtedly the best snoring remedy as they are helpful, not only attaining your better body alignment but also to comfort your neck while sleeping.

10 Easy Home remedies to stop Snoring

Most patients commonly asked ways to stop their snoring without any external snoring aid. The answer to this question is straightforward, as several home remedies prove very helpful to stop snoring.

Here are the 12 commonly used snoring remedies that can help to stop snoring includes

1.  Lose your weight ( in case you are overweight)

Losing your extra weight helps you get rid of the tissues in your throat that cause your snoring. Firstly by eating smaller portions and reducing overall caloric intake, you can lose weight by enjoying healthy foods. Ensure your regular exercise with healthy and nutritious food. For more help, you can visit your doctor or maybe a nutritionist for a proper diet plan.

2.  Sleep on your side

Sleep on your side

When you sleep on your back, your tongue can make it difficult for you to breathe. To open this partially blocked airflow, the simple solution is to sleep on your side. This simple step makes the flow of air smooth and reduces the snoring.

Proper sleep is essential for a healthy body; therefore, make sure to get your seven to 8 hours of adequate sleep each night.

3.  Raise the head of your bed

To keep your airways open, you can raise the head of your bed to four inches.

4.  External nasal dilator or Nasal strips

These nasal strips are undoubtedly beneficial to eliminate your snoring and increase the space in your nasal passage. To stop your snoring, it helps to make your breathing more comfortable and practical.

 In addition to this, a nasal dilator is also a very helpful adhesive strip. This strip works when you put it on the top of your nostrils, and it makes your breathing more comfortable by reducing the resistance of airflow.

5.  Treat your chronic allergies

Many allergies force you to breathe through the mouth by reducing the airflow through your mouth. These allergies increase the chances of your snoring. To stop snoring, consult your doctor about the counter medicines for the improvement in your condition.

6.  Cure structural problems in your nose

Some people have a deviated septum due to any injury or maybe since they are born. It is a misalignment in the nose wall that separates both sides of your nose that restrict airflow.

 If this is the cause behind your mouth breathing during sleep, then talk to your doctor. He might suggest medicines or surgery correct this situation.

7.  Avoid alcohol, – especially before bed.

Before bedtime, avoid alcohol at least for two hours as alcohol consumption before bed is the leading cause of snoring because it relaxes your muscles.

8.  Avoid smoking

Avoid smoking

Smoking is undoubtedly an unhealthy habit that is the cause of snoring and many other diseases. Discuss your doctor about therapies that will help you to get rid of your smoking habit. Gums and patches are the best remedies to avoid smoking.

9.  Oral appliance

Oral appliances famous as dental mouthpieces are useful to keep your air passages open and make the process of breathing easy for you. It prevents snoring and getting these devices, and you need to discuss and consult your doctor first.

10.  Stay Hydrated

Dehydration is a condition that can worsen your snoring because when dehydrated, your secretions in the soft palate and nose become thicker. Women should have 11 cups of water, and a man should drink 16 cups of water.

Overall get proper sleep, avoid alcohol at bedtime, sleep by your side, and take a hot shower when your nasal passages are closed. These simple steps help you a lot to stop snoring.

Surgical options to stop snoring

When you think of surgery for your snoring problem, you will probably feel a chill down your spine. But the fact is surgery is not recommended in all cases as in maximum cases, snoring is harmless. If all of the above therapies are not working for you, then your doctor might recommend surgery.

Besides, if you are suffering from severe health conditions due to snoring, then a surgical option might be the best possible way to get rid of it. It is a very safe procedure, and you can recover in a short interval after surgery.

Coping with snoring

Coping with snoring

Snoring is not rare, but you can’t ignore it. It is the cause of not only your sleep disturbance but also your partner. In some cases, it is an indication of a severe health issue. To get your conditions under control, you must try the above safe remedies or see your doctor to hit on a treatment to stop snoring.

End words by the writer

For all the people who ask about the ways to stop snoring, I recommend you try these safe external aids or a home remedy. All the above methods are medically proven and undoubtedly the best fix for your problems.

 For proper health, sound sleep undoubtedly plays a crucial role in it. If you are suffering from snoring don’t ignore it may be a symptom of severe health conditions. A sound sleep is also essential because your sound sleep guarantees your sharp and healthy mind. I hope this information will help you to get rid of your problems. 


1.      What is the cause of snoring while sleeping?

There are several causes for snoring, and some of the major include allergies, the anatomy of your mouth, sinuses, cold, weight, and many other reasons.

2.      Is snoring a bad sign?

Most snoring is harmless, but it can be a symptom of a severe condition in some cases. Whether your situation is harmful or not, but you cannot ignore it. Snoring can be a sign of OSA, which raises your diabetes, stroke, hypertension, obesity, and other cardiovascular problems.

3.      What’s the best position to stop snoring?

Side facing is the best sleep position to stop snoring. Because when you sleep on your side, the compression of your airways automatically reduces.

Besides, when you sleep on your back, your tongue falls back and compresses your upper airways. Thus the best way to stop snoring is to sleep on your side.

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